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Smart Keys – Smart Locksmiths

Imagine if an intruder wakes you up in the middle of the night and you need to get your firearm out of your safe for protection. You don’t want to be stuck dialing a lock combination 3 or 4 times trying to get your safe opened! Your locksmith can help you get your old dial locks with updated electronic push pad locks.

A Smart Key for Your Car

A smart key is an electronic access and authorization system that is available either as standard equipment or as an option in several car models.

The smart key allows the driver to keep the key fob pocketed when unlocking, locking and starting the vehicle. The key is identified via one of several antennas in the car’s bodywork and a radio pulse generator in the key housing. Depending on the system, the vehicle is automatically unlocked when a button or sensor on the door handle or trunk release is pressed. Vehicles with a smart-key system have a mechanical backup, usually in the form of a spare key blade supplied with the vehicle. Some manufacturers hide the backup lock behind a cover for styling.

A push-button ignition switch in place of the immobilizer on a Mitsubishi RVR equipped with the Smart key.

Vehicles with a smart-key system can disengage the immobilizer and activate the ignition without inserting a key in the ignition, provided the driver has the key inside the car. On most vehicles, this is done by pressing a starter button or twisting an ignition switch.

When leaving a vehicle that is equipped with a smart-key system, the vehicle is locked by either pressing a button on a door handle, touching a capacitive area on a door handle, or simply walking away from the vehicle. The method of locking varies across models.

A Smart Key for Your Home

Door locks and deadbolts are serious business. They’re the first line of defense for your home and family, so you have to count on them to do their job. Adding a smart lock is one way to improve security and convenience, but many people are still unfamiliar with this new technology. Before you start dismantling your current deadbolt, learn more about keyless locks and how they protect your home.

Door Lock Security Ratings

The security of your home and family depends on locks that work. That’s why there are industry standards in place to evaluate the durability and quality of door locks. The ANSI/BHMA (American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) grading system is the most common rating used to provide consumers with quality assurance when it comes to the keyless door locks you use to protect your home.



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